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  1. Tramsessions x Velma Grove

    Tram Sessions: putting bands on Melbourne trams, for your commuting pleasure!

    Velma Grove is a ‘sweet scented’ 8-piece from Melbourne.

  2. Remi - Sangria


  3. An open letter to Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd, addressing this year’s national election. 

    Written and performed by L-FRESH The LION.
    Produced by Sensible J X Dutch
    Video by Andy from StudioAsx

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    Dear Mr Tony Abbott and Mr Kevin Rudd
    And any future politician making an election run
    This letter is for you, I hope you get it before voting day
    I’ve got a lot on my mind and this is what I have to say
    You won’t get my vote coz what you represent is appalling
    it seems you prioritise headlines and name calling
    what about us? we stand to lose the most when you fall
    because your actions and words they affect us all
    you don’t feel the consequences, but I tell you, we do…
    us people, particularly those in minority groups
    We face the discrimination and the racial tension
    that began with the “us vs them” mentality you created
    you can deny it all you want, that’s coz you don’t see it
    But I’m telling you it’s real, there’s a whole heap of us who feel it
    You can’t deny our voices or tell us to get over it
    When you’re the ones who benefit from this hateful environment
    the latest trend is for you to ignore what’s most relevant
    and to capitalise on desperate lives to excel at this
    game of politics, and trying to gain votes
    You should prioritise stopping ignorance over stopping boats
    I’m tired of the misinformation for political gain
    whenever I hear you speak I can’t help but feel ashamed
    even our children know better, just take a look around
    we deserve true leaders, ha you’ve let us all down
    And to the people of Australia, know this
    Our leaders are playing a game and it’s called politics
    See the objective is to win the competition
    they’ll to do anything it takes to defeat the opposition
    they’ll shift their position, sacrifice long term visions
    Call on broader racism, fears and patriotism
    And if they think it’ll help them win, they’ll even trade away the greater good of humanity
    and we will be the casualties
    This is more game, there are lives at stake
    Our leaders reject accountability for the problems they create
    I urge you, don’t settle for the lesser of the two
    Hold them to account and make them raise their standards too
    Demand real leadership whenever you hear or see them speak
    If we’re not guided by truth then our foundation is weak
    If you think there’s no other choice, demand better from the two
    and if you feel the same then this letter is yours too
    Humbly yours…